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It's a point-and-click narrative adventure! Explore a new city, meet new people, and find out what keeps you grounded in uncertain times!

Take on the role of a new arrival in the big city. Having travelled halfway across the country you don't know anyone yet! But don't you worry: just around the corner are many elements of your new life to explore, be it your career, new friends, a new connection with your family, or maybe even... love?

With multiple endings to explore, take your time to play each aspect of your life to the fullest.

This game was made for Global Game Jam 2023! :)

Team Details

Lidia Santoemma - Art & Design - https://lid024.itch.io, @Lily_024

Max Tittle - Writing & Design- https://maxtittle.com/, https://makimus.itch.io/, @maxtittle

Lio Cordano - Art - https://liocordanomadau.carrd.co/

lukew159 - Sound & Music - https://itch.io/profile/lukew159

tommyjaguar - Writing - https://tommyjauregui.carrd.co/

"data" - Programming

Duncan Steele - Programming - https://cowleyforniastudios.itch.io, @cowleyfornian


ggj23-windows.zip 52 MB
Version 17 Feb 05, 2023

Install instructions

Please note that this requires a 16:9 display


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Such a nice and wholesome experience! Love it <3

Will not install with/through itch, but can be downloaded (directly), unzipped and run. I haven't started playing the game yet.

Sorry, the game jam isn't over yet! That was a temporary build, it should be fine by tomorrow.

That is quite alright. It was more a note than anything, but if we don't get the notes, we might not know. :D